Burger! Burger!! Burger!!!

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1. Hacker-Pschorr Brauhaus 

2. Mojar Restaurant and Bar

3. Boom boom Burger (Pagoda)

4. Near wall bar

5. Blue frog

6. Belgian bar

7. Egg Bang


It's a common thing in Xi'an for old places to shutdown and new places poping up. 

So keep an eye on upcoming articles for updates.

Different bars have their specific vibe, so you will have to do a little bit of exploring to find your vibe.

Hacker-Pschorr Brauhaus 

A special set menu that features the unique culinary traditions and authentic flavors. From German Sausage to roasted chicken or the famous Schweinshaxe. We special tailor made 3 mixed platter for your choice. You’ll be tempted to stuff yourself to bursting!!

Reservation Number(86 29)6568 2399

Address: 高新区高新四路16号

Link to Location on APP

-Xian Goexpats

Mojar Restaurant and Bar

The place is becoming pretty popular this month. And that’s why: they have extremely huge discounts on alcohol, different thematic events and perfect Mexican food. And yeah, they have burgers just for 15RMB every Monday (17:00-22:00).

Address: 学府大街鹏润悦秀城么哈墨西哥音乐餐吧

Link to Location on APP

-Xian Goexpats

Boom boom Burger (Pagoda)

The restaurant’s main attraction is the namesake Superboom Burger, which you can get in a variety of options. The Superboom Burger is an eight-inch burger best suited for 3-4 people. The meat is tender and the different topping choices can satisfy the pickiest of eaters.  It is a delicious discussion starter and an incredible Instagram—or Wechat Moments—post.

Address: 慈恩西路大悦城B1室外下沉广场(潮π街区入口、威斯丁酒店斜对面)

Link to Location on APP

-Xian Goexpats

Near wall Bar

Almost all the foreigners who’ve spent enough time in Xi’an know the place very well. The bar feels like more of a bar you would find in the Americas than in China, with goofy stuff on the walls and a band singing songs in English. So if you want some interesting beers and a more western vibe (and burgers of course), it’s a good place to hang out.

Address: 南门里南顺城街西段40号泥窝窝酒吧

Link to Location on APP

-Xian Goexpats

Blue Frog

If you're missing your favourite western food from home then this is the place to go. Their food is very good - a little pricey compared to other "western" restaurants but you won't be disappointed. Try the mushroom burger - it’s really worth it.


(1) 慈恩路777号曲江大悦城购物中心L1-31

(2) 高新路72号中大国际商业中心一层130店铺

Link-1 to Location on APP
Link-2 to Location on APP

-Xian Goexpats

Belgian Bar

The crowd is sterling, you would definitely get the positive vibe of the city, the food is tasty and is a great escort to the wonderful assortment of beers in the bar, and the location is centralised, there will be no trouble getting there or leaving after a great night. 

Address: 顺城南路东段69号

Link to Location on APP

-Xian Goexpats

Egg Bang

For all xianese who miss the Westhouse - there’s a brand new spot to try a burger. Their distinctive feature is using eggs as a filling. Though there are classical burgers as well.

Address: 赛格国际购物中心6层

Link to Location on APP

-Xian Goexpats

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Hacker Pschorr's burger
Better than most burgers i have tried so far
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