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Whiskey, Cocktails & Vinyls - Christmas Nights

Whiskey, Cocktails & Vinyls - Christmas Nights


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Vinyl House 

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Tempting though it may be to play Ms/Mr mix-a-lot at home, be a sport and join us at vinyl house. 

Why wouldn’t you? You get some top bartender action and a Dj from Poland. 

As you might expect, Our cocktails bring a taste of five-star luxury and standby waiters waiting to serve you.

Ideal if you are 30years and over

A whiskey/cigar bar solely focused on good music and a posh vibe. A proof there is still a good place for christmas nights in Xi'an.

Check out Vinyl House inShenzhen and Shanghai, travel junkies.

Soulbrother Sęk -

A true expert when it comes to Funk, Soul, Jazz, Fela Kuti(Afrobeat), Latin Grooves, Oldschool Rap and Disco. Passionate digger and rare finds enthusiast. Co-author of the legendary weekly “Friday Funk Radio Show” on Polish RadioJazzFM. Founder of "Uratujmy AfroBeat w Warszawie" collective promoting African and Latin music in Poland. Host of Boogaloo Soul cyclic events. Member of the Polish Jazz Mixtape crew who actively promote Polish Jazz around the world. Recently he has relocated to Xi’an China where he works as Music Director and resident DJ of Vinylhouse recordstore and cocktail bar.

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