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Staying Fit In Winter

Staying Fit In Winter


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1.  Nutrition

2.  Physical activity

3.  Mental Fitness


Check out Irene's fitness Vlog, get tips on Nutrition, workout sessions and advice on healthy life style.

WeChat Channel is: IreneAvo

Instagram Page is : @avo_athletics


Everyone wants to come out of winter looking toned and snatched however, that isn’t always the case considering no one wants to walk out in the cold to get a workout in. So here are few inexpensive ways that I use to maintain my physique during winter

1. Nutrition

I try by all means to have a balanced diet (vegetables, fruits, grains, protein & dairy)

Since i stay on Campus, the school cafeteria is a great place with so many different options. Consuming whole foods such as potatoes, sweet potatoes & brown rice instead of rice and pasta, has always been a preference. It helps when I have set meal times so my body always knows when to expect food and when it is being deprived, so it alerts me when I forget to eat. I detox and cleanse out all toxins I may have accumulated over the week at least once a week. A glass of warm water with a lemon slice on an empty stomach in the morning, does the trick. Lastly, I try to drink more than 1.5 liters of water a day. Staying hydrated improves metabolism, blood flow, detoxification, repair of damaged cells and rejuvenation of the skin. 

My Daily Diet

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2. Physical Activity

Yoga has become my new favorite thing to do as soon as I wake up. it helps to stretch the muscles, and circulates blood flow and helps when I feel fatigued. 

On days when I don't go to the gym, I do home workouts using a set of dumbbells that I purchased on Taobao. 

There are plethora of free workouts on the internet to try out, so that is an added bonus. 

The other thing I do almost every day, is dancing! 

Yes I said it, I dance until I break a sweat or run out of breath. Lastly, I recently signed up for Zumba classes at my gym, and it has been an amazing experience . It usually covers dancing, stretching and some abs exercises so it is basically a complete workout. 

3. Mental Fitness

Like any other process, it all starts in my mind. 

The way I feel and think about myself, will most certainly show physically. I always aim to be kind to myself and avoid saying things such as “I am so fat or I am so unfit”. Staying disciplined and patient, is ultimately the key ingredient when it comes to achieving any goal I set for myself. Fitness is the sum of little efforts you put in on a daily basis. Hence, strive to develop a sustainable routine that I can maintain all year long and not just during winters.

 On days when I lack motivation, I would say to myself: “Fitness is a lifestyle”. This has been my motto since I started my fitness journey and it has kept me grounded and focused to date. 

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