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Explore Xi'an with Gaukhar- Life in China For a Foreigner

Explore Xi'an with Gaukhar- Life in China For a Foreigner


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Explore Xi'an with Gaukhar 

Welcome to our new article series 

“Explore Xi'an with Gaukhar”.

Come join Gaukhar on her quest to explore the best of Xi'an.

Read: Episode 1, Explore Xi'an with Jenny

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Gaukhar's Channel


Life in China As a Foreigner 

Episode 2

Life in China As a Foreigner 

Just like the proverbial statement “Fish out of Water” that’s how being a foreigner in China is like. Sometimes for majority of foreigners until you decide to adapt or do your own thing, which can be bitter sweet or more like an adrenaline rush and a bit scary especially when you’re not prepared. 

But it’s all part of the journey geared towards learning, discovery and growth. 

Being here in China is a real-life experience of the movie “Journey To The West” in this context, the ''East''. It’s becomes very unsettling in the beginning(especially if you’re not prepared) for almost every foreigner here and it’s still is for some people. 

The Xian GoExpats Mini-App is a wonderful tool for all foreigners in the city to make your life easier.

Gets you all activities happening in the city on your phone...

New places to visit, upcoming events, popular bars to hangout, restaurants to dine and so much more......

Login to the mini App and get a piece of all the action in Xi'an.

Finding the Xian GoExpats mini App 

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Scroll Down 

Xi'an GoExpats

Scrow down and Follow the Arrow sign 

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Log into the mini App

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Xi'an GoExpats

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As much as food is in abundance here, the taste is quite different and the menu is written in Chinese. But if you’re lucky, there might be pictures in the menu. Which helped me a lot since that was what I was using to place my orders. 

Chinese cuisine kind of an acquired taste which eventually grew on me. And now I’m a big fan of Chinese food but you have to be opened minded in order to enjoy. 

Transportation here is very convenient but without proper navigation and a little bit of Chinese language, you’ll definitely be frustrated. 

Chinese in general, are curious people. They tend to be curious and fascinated with the little things we do (Foreigners). 

Especially when you can say a word or two in Chinese. They ask questions and take photos of or with foreigners.  We’re somewhat like mini celebrities if I may be so bold. I found it interesting and unusual at the same time because their behavior is entirely different from what I’m or we’re use to. 

For me personally, life in China has really been rewarding towards independence, personal growth and building a professional career and having a social circle of people from different parts of the world and learning new cultures.

I’ve learned a lot about the Chinese people and their culture. 

I’m pretty settled here now but of course there’s still a lot learn and scenic views to see which I’m looking for to. 

stay tuned for upcoming episodes!

More gems to be discovered in the city.




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