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“Earth & Bloom of Life” - A Private Art Exhibition

“Earth & Bloom of Life” - A Private Art Exhibition


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“Earth & Bloom of Life”

A Private Art Exhibition

By Artist: Xiaoshan

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Missing some quality cultural event?

A private and intimate experience

Immerse yourself in beauty with this romantic and calming exhibition by the talented local painter Xiaoshan, pen name for Shan Zhangdi.

“Earth & Bloom of Life” (泥土芳华) is the artistic outcome of Xiaoshan’s experience of being isolated at home during the pandemic, a period she spent in contact with nature, her main source of inspiration, both in art and in life. As the artist says:

Earth is the source of all things; it’s broad, rich, philanthropic and generous... If earth stands for the country, the bloom would be the people. If earth stands for art, the bloom would be the artist.



Xiaoshan believes that “Art is to use one life to ignite another life”, then what more suitable than Nature, maternal and nurturing, to convey that message? Earth, mud, flowers and plants dominate the paintings, while the sporadic human figures are all but stylized, becoming a simple element of the landscape.

Everything comes from nature and goes back to nature.

The gallery shows the versatile talent and personality of Xiaoshan, well versed in some traditional arts such as chayi (the art of drinking tea), guqin (an ancient Chinese string instrument) and ikebana (Japanese flower arranging). Her paintings show the profound bond between tradition and contemporaneity, old and new, past and present. Xiaoshan’s love for the thousand-years old Chinese ink-paintings is evident, and yet her works are fresh and innovative.

Through her art, Xiaoshan expresses the idea that traditional Chinese culture must be transformed into a contemporary one, where contemporary does not mean “hinting to the West”, as it often happens, but quintessentially Chinese. Modernity echoes the past in the artist’s elegant pieces. Like a delicate sound made of ink and colors, her ideals of life, love and simplicity reverberate throughout her paintings, to finally reach the viewer.

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